Privacy Policy

TradeWinds Consulting recognizes the significance of protection of personal information. At TradeWinds Consulting, the collection, maintenance, and the usage of personal information is strictly controlled by internal guidelines for impeccable protection of personal information to help you achieve smooth and pleasant job changes and placements.

The purpose of collection of personal information
TradeWinds Consulting retains information from registers for the purpose of understanding career history and experience of personnel for the appropriate introduction to client corporations.

The content of personal information
The name, address, phone number, mail address, career history, employer Company and other information of the registered individual is only used for the purposes of appropriate introduction of job offers. Also, for the provision of better services, we conduct research and analysis on which provider is used by registered persons for access. For that matter, please be informed that we collect and use information through the access log information.

Security in regard to the collection of personal information
The integrity of personal information that is sent through the internet by the registered persons is protected by SSL technology. The page that uses SSL uses the TradeWinds Consulting site, and uses the Verisign encryption technology.

The use of personal information
Personal information that is collected adheres to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable guidelines, and treats personal information as secrets not to be taken outside of company premise. We as a company, act to the best of our ability to prevent unlawful access, loss, leak, or amendments of personal information. We do not use personal information other than for supporting your career moves without prior consent of the registered persons.

The amendment and deletion of personal information
If you wish to amend or delete your registered information, please contact us at

Questions in regard to Personal Information
Questions or complaints in regard to the treatment of personal information should be contacted to